Understanding the inner workings: the Digital Experience team’s impact


Timea Wilson reflects on her first four months working with the University’s Digital Experience team as the Senior Digital Delivery and Performance Manager: the Digital Experience team is like a startup; we have a collaborative approach; we are continually trying to improve; I'm excited for the future!

Timea Wilson reflects on her first four months working with the University’s Digital Experience team as the Senior Digital Delivery and Performance Manager.

Reflecting on my journey so far within the Digital Experience team, I’m eager to share our progress amid challenges and our commitment to driving positive change. Here are four things that have made an impression on me so far: 

1. The Digital Experience team is like a startup 

From day one, it became evident that the Digital Experience Team embodies the spirit of a startup (‘a company that’s in the initial stages of business’) – a compact yet dynamic entity, with expertise, passion, and commitment that act as the catalysts for positive change within the University. 

Our empathetic approach is rooted in understanding user behaviours and needs. We craft a narrative that resonates with users, facilitating engagement and connection. To me, this resonates with the University’s mission to enrich lives through education and experience. 

2. We have a collaborative approach to digital solutions 

Witnessing first-hand how our team’s collaborative efforts have transformed the way we approach digital solutions has been enlightening. We’re doing this in three main ways: 

  • Agile methodologies for adaptation: Flexibility in the face of change is key to our success. Agile methodologies enable us to pivot quickly, respond to evolving user needs, and fine-tune our strategies for optimal outcomes (find out more about agile from Agile Alliance).
  • Data-driven decision making: Our commitment to data-driven insights has not only sharpened our understanding of user preferences but has also informed strategic decisions, ensuring that every step aligns with our broader objectives. 
  • Crafting user-centric journeys: Recognising that each user interaction is part of a broader journey, we refine the user experience, paving the way for smoother conversions and greater satisfaction (‘customer centricity’ – from the Gartner Glossary).

3. We are dedicated to performance excellence and are continually trying to improve 

In the digital realm, performance is non-negotiable. Our dedication to delivering exceptional user experiences while meeting business objectives is a testament to our commitment. 

  • Performance monitoring: Keeping a watchful eye on performance metrics, from load times to engagement rates and conversion rates, offers valuable insights into user satisfaction and overall effectiveness. 
  • Continuous improvement: We recognize that even as we celebrate successes, there’s always room to refine processes, enhance experiences, and align more closely with our business objectives. 

4. I’m excited for the future  

Looking forward, I’m excited by the prospect of further collaboration and innovation. Beyond project oversight, it’s about inspiring the team to push boundaries, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, and weaving a narrative that resonates both internally and externally. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital experiences, the Digital Experience Team stands as a beacon of progress—a startup spirit thriving within the academic realm. Our commitment to seamless delivery and exceptional performance management is more than a strategy; it’s a blueprint for collaborative change that fosters engagement, drives conversions, and ultimately achieves the university’s overarching business objectives. 

So, here’s to the journey ahead—a journey where challenges fuel innovation, where data guides decisions, and where the Digital Experience Team continues to steer the course toward excellence.

Digital Experience team standing in front of the Great George bell in the Wills Memorial Buidling tower.
The Digital Experience team visited the Wills Memorial Building in the summer.

Do you want work with us in your next digital project? Complete our digital projects support request form, or contact timea.wilson@bristol.ac.uk for how we can collaborate. You can find our analytics guidance and training materials on Google Analytics on our SharePoint site (UoB employees only). 

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